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Elon Musk Twick or Tweet

In this tech-insight, we take a brief look at billionaire Elon Musk’s usage of Twitter, how and why he makes such use of the platform, and what Mr Musk’s interactions can teach businesses about using Twitter. Who Is Elon Musk?

Apple Introduces “Self-Service Repair”for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13

‘Right to repair’ campaigners finally had something to celebrate last week as Apple announced its “self-service repair” programme, aimed at “customers who are comfortable with completing their own repairs.” Initial Phase Apple says that the initial phase of the programme, beginning

Apple’s New ‘Business Essentials’

Apple has announced a new ‘Business Essentials’ service that enables small businesses to easily manage every employee’s iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Device Management Solution For Small Businesses Aimed at business with up to 500 employees, Apple says that ‘Business Essentials’

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Here’s how to use the Reading Pane and Spacebar in Outlook to sort through your daily emails more quickly:   – In Outlook, select “View” and “Reading Pane.”   – Select the Reading Pane to sit on the right-hand side.

Hybrid Working Results In Move Off-Premise For Tech Infrastructure

Research by Zen Internet has revealed that hybrid working is causing businesses to question whether they now need enough on-premise tech infrastructure to support a full capacity office. Most Business Have Hybrid Working Plan The research conducted by Vanson Bourne on

One-Third Of UK Employees Remotely Monitored

A Prospect trade union poll has revealed that 32 per cent of UK workers are being remotely monitored and tracked by employers. Big Rise The poll also shows a rise in the number of employees under remote surveillance that’s up


Facebook/Meta has announced that it is integrating Workplace with Microsoft’s collaboration app Teams to enable users to share information more easily between the two platforms. What Is Workplace? First announced in 2016, originally Facebook’s internal messaging board, and formerly known

Do People Lie More Online

In this article, we look at whether there is evidence to suggest that people lie more online, and what the message is for businesses. Lying  Just 3 years after the World Wide Web was introduced to the public domain, a

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3 Top YouTube Tips

If you use YouTube videos in your website or need to view or share specific parts of YouTube videos quickly, here are 3 top tips: How To Start A YouTube Video At Any Point If you need to share part