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Disaster Recovery Policy

Complete Disaster Support Services in Lancashire and Manchester!

J700 Group takes pride in offering premium quality disaster support services. Our team can resolve any challenge whether you want to avail AWS disaster recovery service or cloud recovery services.
Contact our experts today and secure your business with our disaster recovery plans.
Disaster Recovery Services.

J700 Group Reliable Disaster Recovery Consultants Based in Manchester, Lancashire and Surrounding Areas

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Lost Your Data? We Are Here for You to Provide Backup and Disaster Recovery Services!

J700 group is delighted to be the leading IT company of Manchester and Lancashire! It is essential for you to have an IT disaster recovery plan in place in today's business world.

Disaster recovery planning begins with thorough research and a comparison of possibilities. Businesses who engage in such a strategic process can quickly uncover data storage solutions that make a lot more sense than currently utilized and can be tweaked on the go. In addition, our team works hard to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery policies are in place so all you conduct your business smoothly.

Moreover, disaster recovery planning can streamline IT processes and reduce the risk of human error. In a sense, you are not just preparing to recover in the aftermath of a disaster; you are working to make your business more resilient and profitable.

J700 group has hired industry experts who can use advanced tools and software to make sure your data is recovered. Moreover, your data will remain safe and secure with our cloud disaster recovery plans.

We always go above and beyond  to satisfy our customer's needs. We believe that customers are brand ambassador of our brands, and to fulfill their needs we give them amazing services, and solutions to their problems, and this is why we have been consistently rated 5 star on Google, SiteJabber, Trustpilot and by our loyal customers.

Server Data Recovery

J700 Group is the only professional organization in Manchester and Lancashire that offers advanced levels of data recovery services. Moreover, our team ensures that your server and data remain safe at all times.

Deleted Files Recovery Services

Lost your essential files? Worry no more! Our team is here to resolve this issue. Our team is capable of recovering your lost file effortlessly. So do not worry about the deleted data anymore; instead, contact our team.

NAS Data Recovery Services

Network-attached storage is a file-level storage server that is connected to your network. Thus, with this, diverse groups can access the data. This helps in RAID reliability, flexibility, and disaster recovery. Let’s get started! 

SSD Data Recovery

Solid State Drive is more popular than traditional hard disk drives because it offers several benefits. With this, your experience enhances! So, contact our tech-savvy experts and conduct better business.

DVR Data Recovery

Small and large businesses extensively use digital video recorders! But not every IT firm can help you recover the DVR data. Only experts can provide this service, and the J700 group takes pride in offering this service. Get a quote!

Looking for a Disaster Recovery Policy for your Business

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Every Business Needs a Solid Business Recovery Plan
There are numerous reasons to choose us! cost effective increase productivity fire suppression system customer retention scability
Our disaster recovery plan consists of many crucial elements.

It can help your organization in taking proactive measures to minimize the risk of human-made disasters, natural disasters like floods, fire, or any storm.

Our IT disaster recovery policy can assist you in identifying unwanted events so that you can act quickly and put the necessary measures in place.

This way, you save your time, as well as business costs.
Having at least two persons capable of handling the same task can help with disaster recovery planning. In the long run, it can be extremely useful.

Organizations can get peace of mind about the network's overall integrity when several individuals complete a specific task.

Furthermore, if someone is on vacation or sick leave, the organization will still have someone qualified to handle the task. J700 Group can assist you in making proper disaster recovery policies.
J700 Group offers a team of specialists who can develop and install a huge spectrum of fire suppression systems, such as sprinklers, valves, and everything that your organization needs.

Effective suppression is a complex challenge that requires the use of systems and expertise.

We've long been a pioneer in this critical area of supporting firms in protecting their workers and all technology infrastructures.
We offer disaster recovery services that enable businesses to maintain their high-quality service, regardless of any IT failure or natural disaster.

In addition, it can help you in reacquiring your old customers by offering continuous services. Thus, by mitigating the risk of any disruption and data loss, your customers can be reassured that they will get professional service even in the event of a disaster.

As a result, disaster recovery planning is crucial for long-term customer retention.
The most significant component of a crisis management plan is identifying innovative solutions such as cloud-based storage and data restoration.

It supports the simplification of business operations, the enhancement of backup reliability, and reducing disaster recovery costs.
In addition, cloud technology is scalable, and it provides more flexibility than maintaining onsite or offsite computing infrastructure.

This is why we suggest every corporation have a disaster recovery plan to deal with any potential disaster and keep operations running smoothly.

Worried about disaster recovery in cloud computing?

J700 Group can provide you with a wide range of data security measures and complete cloud recovery services.

Such as encryption and firewall systems, data access control configuration for each user, controlled backup servers without network connectivity, and much more.

You won't have to worry about data management if you are using our data recovery services because we have competent individuals at your service.

Cyber Security & Data Management

Whether you run a small business or an enterprise.  It is important for you to protect the sensitive data of your business from hackers.

Our professional excels in providing excellent cyber security and data management services. 

Experienced IT Consultancy

J700 Group also offers expert IT Consultants Our IT Professionals will help you decide which software, or IT hardware your company needs. We'll advise on any vulnerabilities in your current system.  Our IT Consultants have extensive IT experience have assisted many businesses to achieve their goals by taking care of their IT concerns.

FREE IT Consultation
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Our support team is responsive, proactive, and available 24/7.
You can contact our team anytime you want for a free IT consultation, to help your business thrive.

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Germaine WilliamsGermaine Williams
12:38 09 Jan 22
J700 Group are simply amazing. Great service and support, we use them for IT Support, Telecoms and Website Design. They are responsive and helpful and great to work with, thank you.
Mia MendlezMia Mendlez
22:44 07 Jan 22
I recently got my website designed by their team, It was beautifully designed no doubt. From initial sample layouts to the final designs, their team were so cooperative and unique at their offerings. I will recommend j700 group for website design services in haslingden to everyone!
10:10 07 Jan 22
J700 Group have been supporting us for just over 2 years, they came highly recommended and we couldn’t agree more, they provide us with IT Support, Telecoms and Website Design services, and they are simply amazing, thank you J700 Group
Darrell WildeDarrell Wilde
12:05 05 Jan 22
J700 Group have been supporting us for just over 2 years, Website Design & Hosting services for multiple Websites they are simply amazing, thank you J700 Group!
Cruise AcademyCruise Academy
09:17 10 Jul 20
J700 were one of several companies I visited in October 2019, to get a quote for a new website build. We were working to tight deadlines and had quite a few unusual requests. I was extremely impressed from the get go! It was really convenient to be able to speak to front-end and back-end developers... at the same time and their willingness to listen and try new things really helped take our project to another level. Not only did they deliver ahead of schedule, they were an absolute pleasure to work with - nothing was too much trouble, they were incredibly responsive and always available for questions.Nine months down the line and we're still raving about them! The aftercare has been amazing and we're looking forward to working with them again on upcoming projects.Great service, great quality, amazing value!read more