Disaster Recovery Policy

A Fire, Cyber Attack, Flood or Pandemic can all cause damage to a business.

J700 Group can ensure you have a watertight Disaster Recovery Policy in place to ensure Business Continuity enabling your business to function even if the worst happens.

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Disaster Recovery Policy

We will work with you to put a Disaster Recovery Policy in place to ensure if disaster strikes, your business can continue to function and employees can continue to work.

We will also look at ways to mitigate the threats, ensuring minimal impact, and cost to your business. We will look at current processes and procedures ensuring your business can still function.

We will look at your current IT setup, looking at ways your employees can work from home or a remote location, we will look at your software and data, to ensure it is protected and will be available in event of a system failure.

We will look across your business as a whole, and assess where threats could come from, this could include Fire, Flood, Cyber Attack, Power Failure, Internal Attack, Sabotage, Pandemic and Security.

We have over 25 years experience creating Disaster Recovery Policies for businesses of all sizes, we will use our experience and knowledge to ensure your Disaster Recovery Policy is watertight and will enable Business Continuity should a disaster happen.

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