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Are you worried about Cybercrime, Data Security and the risks and threats to your businesses.

Cyber criminals seek to exploit human or security vulnerabilities in order to steal passwords, data or money directly.

Cybercrime can lead to the following:

- A serious disruption of your business operations
- A breach of business and customer data
- Unauthorised access to networks and systems
- Extortion and Ransom Demands

To help protect you we have put together a Cyber Security Essentials Guide to help.

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What Our Cyber Security Guide tells you...

Cybercrime and Cyber-Attacks are becoming more prevalent with each passing day. Over half of small and medium businesses (SMB) have reported being the victims of cybercrimes.

Every day, there are new headlines about data breaches, hackings, Cyber-Attacks, and various forms of crimes against businesses.

In a survey, over two-thirds of the participating businesses had suffered at least one cyber attack, while one-third had experienced the same in the last 12-months.

So to help businesses understand how to protect their business we wrote this guide.

  • Threats your business might face

    Cyber Security threats and risks to your business

  • Facts about Cybercrime

    Common and concerning facts and figures

  • Protection & Control

    How you can protect your business and data

  • Ways We can Help

    Advice and solutions to protect your business

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