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Schools With Better IT Equipment Produce Smarter Students

Schools With Better IT Equipment

It is widely accepted that advancements in technology has dramatically improved the life of millions of people across the world – the use of computer technology and the internet has literally transformed the way people, businesses and schools and academies operate.

But do schools and academies with better IT equipment produce smarter students?

Many industry experts and commentators believe this to be true as technology and better IT opens up significantly more opportunities, provides instant feedback, offers a dynamic learning experience, and allows teachers and senior managers within the education sector to access data on performance quickly and easily.

The use of computers and other devices can dramatically improve the quality of the educational content – it can be made more visual, dynamic and allow learners to work at their own pace thus offering a level of flexibility that wouldn’t be possible using conventional textbook style learning.

The implementation of curricula is so much easier too.  It allows teachers to ensure each learner has access to all of the content, which can not only be made visual and dynamic but presented in a manner that allows for interaction and feedback – the use of interactive electronic screens has the potential to transform teaching environments.

As a consequence of the improved quality of education and implementation, the impact it can have on learning is dramatic – technology can drive standards higher and create challenging learning environments designed to encourage and support through cumulative learning.  As the curricula can be readily accessed on the technology platforms in use learners can constantly review and refresh so as to maximise the learning impact.

As technology can provide a strong basis for learning and development as behaviors and attitudes are amongst students generally better as learners are more engaged, as lessons can be made more interactive, visual and dynamic learners are also more likely to take ownership of their own personal development.

In addition the use of technology also allows students who are ill or not able to attend school can continue to learn and progress in much the same way as if they were in class.

It is clear that technology and IT have changed all of our lives in so many ways – from booking holidays to using video conferencing – and a clear strategy for implementing technology and IT into the infrastructure and fabric of the school can have a major impact on the performance of the school or academy, resulting in smarter students.

Lancashire based J700 Group, one of the UK’s leading business IT support and solutions providers is ideally placed to help schools and academies utilise technology to achieve better Ofsted ratings – from consultation and planning to supply of hardware, software and systems and procedures.

J700 was founded by Jonathan and Deon Cundliffe in 2015 and has developed its portfolio of services to cover all aspects of IT support and solutions including consultancy, managed IT services, cloud solutions, office 365, telecoms, IT hardware & software and website design and SEO services.

With over 25 years of experience J700’s ethos is to provide exceptional service, advice and guidance and support its clients’ businesses at the highest level so in turn helping them to be at their best by harnessing the power of IT.

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