Communication is key

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Communication Is Key

No matter if you are working from home, in the office, on a construction site, out on the road or anywhere else, all businesses thrive with great communication.

It isn’t just all about being connected to your colleagues, it needs to be colleagues, customers, suppliers and potential customers

If someone tries to contact you, then you need to be available.

By missing a call or email you could be missing out on some new business, a new customer, a great deal on a product or any type of opportunity.

J700 Group can help you stay connected.

By utilising the latest technology, staying connected is easier than ever, making sure you are able to communicate in multiple ways no matter where you are

Telephony Solutions

The latest telephony solutions, give you a fully functioning business desk phone on your mobile as an app, making sure you never miss a business call and are able to divert and transfer calls directly from your mobile, the latest desk phones give you the functionality to be able to unplug them, take them home, and plug them in again, whilst retaining all the same functionality, meaning working from home is easier than ever.

Cloud Solutions

The latest Cloud Solutions give you access to all your files and documents whilst on the move or at home, enabling you to share and collaborate with your colleagues no matter where you are.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 gives you access to the latest suite of the popular suite of Microsoft products, along with their ultra-reliable email system, making sure your email is available 24/7 on multiple devices.

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