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Communication is key for all businesses, being connected and available means you never miss an important call

J700 Group aims to improve the business performance of all our clients using our unique blend of IT Innovation, adding value wherever we can and always going the extra mile. Read how our innovative telecoms solutions can help keep you connected to your team and clients.  We have a solutions to meet your businesses needs


Communication is key for everyone, being connected and always available means you never miss an important call.

No matter if you are working from home, in the office, on a construction site, out in the road or anywhere else, all businesses thrive with great communication.

Next Level Telecoms

83% of SMEs say their business would not be able to function without an effective telecoms setup, while 34% say they lack the confidence to identify suitable technologies to benefit their organisation (Ofcom, 2016). Contact us today to take your telecoms to the next level.


Hosted Phone System

Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a cloud based
telephone system which sends communication over the internet.
It allows businesses to easily communicate and collaborate,
it’s easy to set up and there’s little to no maintenance required.

Many businesses are now adopting Hosted VoIP due to the setup and management being simple, easy to scale and very cost effective.
All you need is a phone connected to the internet and a seat within the hosted voice platform, which after the initial setup can be achieved in under 1 hour. It really is that simple.

Hosted Phone System


Connectivity encompasses not only Internet Connections, but also connecting businesses together, connecting sites together, and anything required to keep your company connected. We can undertake a site survey to advise which solution would be best suited to your requirements, then manage and supply the correct connectivity solution.  We can also provide monitoring and fail-over solution to make sure you are always connected

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Mobile & 4G

We are able to offer SIM Only contracts for all of the UK’s leading mobile operators including O2, Vodafone, EE and 3 Mobile

We are also able to offer 4G data SIMs and 4G Routers to get you connected to the Internet quickly.

We offer a varied contract lengths from 1 month upwards, and are able to secure you the best package and pricing to fit with your companies requirements. Contact one of our specialists today to discuss your needs.

Mobile and 4G
3CX Phone System

3CX - PBX, Live Chat & Video

Trusted by over 250,000 customers worldwide including The NHS, Air France, PWC, American Express, Holiday Inn and Mitsubishi to name a few, 3CX is one of the most versatile telecommunications systems available today.

3CX not only enables you to cut your phone bill and communications costs, but also includes all these cutting edge features:

1. Office Without Limits – iOS and Android Apps
2. Live Chat and Talk
3. App-Free Web Conferencing
4. On-Premise: VM, Server or Appliance
5. In your Cloud: google, Amazon or Azure
6. Unified Communications: Status, Chat, Click to call

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Answers to common telecoms questions:

REDUCED COSTS: You can save 35% on average by adopting IP Voice instead of
traditional phone lines.
SOFTWARE ASSURANCE: You benefit from constant access to the latest automatic
software updates which protect your business from telephony toll fraud.
DISASTER RECOVERY: With Hosted Voice, your environments are built with disaster
recovery options should an outage occur, meaning it’s easy to reroute calls to mobiles or
alternative telephone lines.

FEATURE-RICH: From easy sync ability and mobile twinning to
in-built music on hold and voicemail to email settings, the range
of features available enables you to manage your business
communications effectively.
QUICK SETUP FOR USERS: Users can be set up in minutes, with
add-ons and changes made quickly and simply. Plus, it’s easy to
scale and add new users with no disruption.
TRUSTED ENVIRONMENT: With over 40 years of experience, the
Mitel phone system is adopted by 15,000 business users in the UK
already so you can be rest-assured that it’s trusted.