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A new threat to businesses

New Threat

Lancashire businesses warned about new scam: Malicious USB drives turning up in the post

Businesses in Lancashire are being warned of a brand new scam where cyber criminals are using very old fashioned methods.

Normally criminals try to hack into a business’s systems through the internet – often by breaking into someone’s email account, or looking for weak passwords.
But security researchers have spotted that one criminal gang is now posting out USB drives.

These drives turn up in a gift box with a fake thank you letter,” explained Jonathan Cundliffe of Lancashire based IT support company J700 Group.

“The criminals are hoping someone in the business will open the box, believe it’s a gift and put the USB drive into their computer.”

He added: “But in doing so they would accidentally give the hacker direct access to their computer, through malicious software loaded on the USB.
“We’re now warning all businesses around here to spread the word about this to their staff.”  All businesses should offer their staff regular training on cyber security threats.
Software can protect businesses, but well trained staff will increase the protection tenfold, and act as the first line of defence.

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