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Vendors and Suppliers

At J700 Group, we believe that our customers deserve nothing but the best IT support, cyber security, and cloud solutions. That's why we are proud to partner with some of the most trusted and respected vendors in the industry. Our efforts to identify and collaborate with these vendors have been driven by our commitment to provide our clients with high-quality services that meet their specific needs. Our team of experts works hand-in-hand with our partners to ensure that we provide optimal solutions tailored to our client's unique requirements.

Our partners offer a range of innovative products and services that enable us to deliver exceptional solutions that benefit our clients and their businesses. When you work with J700 Group, you can trust that you are receiving nothing but the best from our partners and our dedicated team.

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Hornet Security J700 Group

Leading cloud email security provider

Protecting global organisations’ IT infrastructure to ensure companies can work to their fullest potential.

Heimdal Security J700 Group

Intelligent Cybersecurity, Unified and Easy to Use

From ransomware and insider threat, to business email compromise and anything in between, Heimdal Security protects your operational integrity by stopping even the most sophisticated cyber attacks from day one.

J700 Group Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Partner

J700 Group are a Microsoft partner, so your business will have access to resources, programs, tools, and connections.
Discover a community designed to help you grow.

isl Online J700 Group

The most reliable remote desktop software

Support your clients remotely by connecting to their device in seconds.

Cyber Smart J700 Group

Automated Compliance Platform

The quickest, easiest way to achieve Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus, and GDPR Readiness certifications.


Cloud Business Services offers you a silver lining for the future

Choosing Cloud Business Services brings together the very best providers available on the market in one central place for ease of access for you, the partner.

Action1 J700 Group

100% Cloud-Based Architecture

Manage, patch, connect, report and alert on any machine, anytime, anywhere.

Awingu J700 Group

Secure remote access to apps, desktops and files made easy – without a VPN!

Work anywhere, on any device via a Zero Trust secure HTML5 access on any browser to all of your business applications and files. Simple to set up, easy to use, ultra secure and highly cost-effective digital workspace.

Bluedog Security J700 Group

Award-winning cybersecurity monitoring

Incorporating Microsoft 365 security monitoring, MDR, and vulnerability scanning services.

Redstor J700 Group

The new industry standard in data management and protection

Providing the broadest coverage for MSPs through a single application.

Retruster J700 Group

Email security’s last line of defence

Retruster protects users against phishing, fraud, and ransomware through an easy to use and non-intrusive email security service.

Keeper Security J700 Group

Enterprise Password Management

Password manager and digital vault for storing passwords, financial information, and other sensitive documents.


Comprehensive Cyber Threat Protection

Discover and fix previously invisible vulnerabilities through ThreatAware’s cloud-based, agentless platform.


Your network. Your rules.

Untangle NG Firewall provides scalable, unified threat management capabilities.


The world’s leading security awareness training and phishing simulations platform

KnowBe4 helps to manage the ongoing problem of social engineering by training employees to spot phishing emails.