Andrew Wilson J700 Group Ltd

BDM joins J700 Group to drive sales

J700 Group Directors are pleased to announce the appointment of our new business development manager to  continue our sales drive.


Andrew Wilson has joined the J700 Group team to bring new clients onboard and promote the firm’s services across the north-west.


Having worked in sales for the past 16 years, Andrew’s previous roles saw him working for a range of industries, most recently focusing on SEO and internet marketing.


He said: “My role with J700 Group is to build a new pipeline of business. They’ve had a steady stream of regular new business organically or via recommendations and referrals, but are now looking to proactively push for further growth.


“I’ll be concentrating on developing a sales team and spreading the word about the fantastic range of IT, cloud computing and web services J700 Group can offer to businesses.”


Andrew will also be a regular fixture on the East Lancashire networking scene on behalf of J700 Group, joining a local BNI chapter and visiting other events as lockdown eases.


Andrew added: “Sales have changed and the days of the hard sell are gone, especially with the current environment. People have become more relationship-focused with their clients, and the emphasis is on customer service and client retention.


“When we return to the “new normal”, it won’t be a bidding market – it will be about who can offer the best service and aftercare in the event something like this happens again. Fortunately, customer service is at the forefront of everything J700 Group does.


The future is looking rosey, and we’re all very excited to get started.”


Jonathan Cundliffe, managing director of J700 Group, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Andrew to the J700 Group team, and we’re excited to see the impact an enhanced sales resource will have on our business.”